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WCS utilizes an online grading system called Engrade for the recording, viewing and reporting of students' assignments and grades.  Each family with an active email address will have a parent account created for them.  Additional parental accounts will be created upon request.  Parents are encouraged to be proactively involved in their student's academic progress throughout the year by logging into this parent account and viewing current grades and missing assignments.

Older students (5th-8th grades) with email access may also have student accounts created for them in Engrade so they may also view individual assignments, grades and teacher comments.

Grades are printed and sent to parents/guardians at the end of each quarter, also specifying the number of student absences and/or tardies for the quarter and accumulative for the year.

The goal of WCS is to educate children in the light of God’s Word and to prepare them for a life of service to God, to His Creation, and to their community.

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