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Financial Stewardship.

We strive to keep our school feasible for families.  To do this, WCS works together as a society to create opportunities for minimizing tuition and costs.


To help keep tuition to a minimum, all WCS families are asked to participate in a variety of school-wide fundraisers.
These fundraisers provide an atmosphere of fellowship and friendship for our families.  Each family is assigned to a committee to facilitate these fundraising events. 



The WCS families provide soups, sandwiches, and pies for a community fundraising meal held each October.  Take ou meals are available for our farmers busy in the fields.


The school also participates in other fundraising opportunities that may include WCS families and friends.  One example is collecting/using the app to scan Box Tops for Education.


This December event is historically our biggest fundraiser.  Items that are creative, practical, tasty, and more are donated to this massive auction by area businesses, and WCS families and supporters.

Thank you to Prins Auctions for their talented services.


Each spring, WCS families host tables at this celebrated event where guests are treated to an evening out with dinner and entertainment.  A free-will offering is taken in support of the school.





Donations of time are extremely valuable to Worthington Christian School.  If you are interested in volunteering, there are many areas in which your talents may be utilized, so please contact the school to let us know of your interest.


Financial donations are always appreciated!  Donations are tax deductible and 100% of the donation will go toward the needs of the students.  Donations by check can be sent to the school, or dropped off during school hours.

There are various funds that you may choose to allocate your monies toward, such as the Student Fund (which funds activities like field trips and the annual all-school skating party), Financial Assistance, WCS Foundation, or Classroom Needs.

Donation statements are available upon request. 


Each fall, farmers have an easy opportunity to donate to WCS!  As you are dropping off your load at the elevator, just tell them you'd like to donate the proceeds of a specified amount to the school.  They'll take care of the rest!


Building a legacy.  The WCS Foundation consists of any Society member who donates $100/year  toward the Foundation.  Lifetime membership is granted upon contributing $1000 or more toward the Foundation.  All Foundation members have the right to vote at the bi-annual meetings of the Foundation.  The primary purpose of the Foundation is administering  permanent fund investments to support the school. 

tuition help.



T.R.I.P Tuition Reduction.

The Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (T.R.I.P.) is a program to provide families an opportunity to earn money for school tuition.


Gift cards and/or gift certificates may be purchased for participating businesses, with a percentage of the purchase given back to the school, for the student(s) of your choice. 


The percentage donated varies by business, but ranges from 2% to 20%.

Parents, grandparents, family and friends participate.

Gift cards/certificates may be purchased in-person at Main Street Kids/The Country Stork in downtown Worthington (224 10th Street).  TRIP cards must be paid for by cash or check.  Credit cards cannot be accepted.  It is recommended that if you need a large number of cards/certificates, that you call in advance (507-376-3325).

"TRIP Slips", listing all participating businesses, donation percentages, and gift card denominations are available at both Main Street Kids and WCS.  This is a FREE program that provides free money toward your tuition, so why not begin participating today?!


Financial Aid

Financial assistance may be available upon approval by the WCS School Board.  Contact the school for information and an application.

After an application is submitted, the Board will review it to determine the amount of financial help needed and fund availability.  The Board reserves the right to decline financial assistance to any individual or family.


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