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T.R.I.P. = Tuition Reduction Incentive Program


TRIP is a program designed to provide families an opportunity to earn money for school tuition.  Gift cards and/or gift certificates may be purchased for participating businesses, with a percentage of the purchase given back to the participating school of your choice, for the student(s) of your choice.  The percentage donated varies by business, but ranges from 2-20%.

Anyone may participate in this program at any time ~ even before your child starts preschool!  Donation monies will just accumulate until your student(s) starts school and you request an initial payout. Parents, grandparents, and family friends may all purchase these gift certificates/cards.  Family and friends may sign up for the TRIP program in the same way as the student's family, but must request to be a donor to a specific account.  Each individual will have their own account number, and a computer program automatically tracks earnings and donation accounts.

Gift cards/certificates may be purchased in-person at Main Street Kids/The Country Stork in downtown Worthington (224 10th Street).  TRIP cards must be paid for by cash or check.  Credit cards cannot be accepted.  It is recommended that if you need a large number of cards/certificates, that you call in advance (507-376-3325).

"TRIP Slips", listing all participating businesses, donation percentages, and gift card denominations are available at both Main Street Kids and WCS.  This is a FREE program that provides free money toward your tuition, so why not begin participating today?!

The goal of WCS is to educate children in the light of God’s Word and to prepare them for a life of service to God, to His Creation, and to their community.

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