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Admission Process

The admission policy and procedures of Worthington Christian School shall reflect the basis and purpose of our school as outlined in the Constitution. It is understood that the following guidelines shall be followed when admitting students to the Worthington Christian School. Parents who enroll their children in Worthington Christian School are asked to sign an agreement that states the following:

  1. It is understood that they are enrolling their child in Worthington Christian School primarily because of their earnest desire that their children receive a Christ-centered education.
  2. It is understood that their child will be educated in a manner consistent with the beliefs and objectives of the Worthington Christian School.
  3. It is understood that the parents will support the school in its efforts to provide education that is distinctively Christian and that they will seek to uphold and maintain the fundamental unity of the home and school.
  4. It is understood that the personal conduct of all students must conform to the standards of the school and that if a disagreement exists, parents will have the opportunity to discuss such matters with the faculty, administration, or the School Board.
  5. It is understood that each family is knowledgeable of and responsible for the costs of  tuition, fees, and all other monetary requirements for individual students.

The admission procedures shall include:

  1. In order for a student to be enrolled in Kindergarten, he/she is required to be five years of age prior to September 1 of the year entering school.
  2. Completing an Application for Student Admission, WCS Registration Form, and all other WCS or ISD518-required documentation. 
  3. Paying any required registration fees and tuition down-payments.

The goal of WCS is to educate children in the light of God’s Word and to prepare them for a life of service to God, to His Creation, and to their community.