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School Board Committees:

Education Committee:  This committee is responsible for many educational aspects of the school, including the interviewing and hiring of teaching staff, curriculum oversight/approval, and assessing the educational needs of the school. 

Auction Committee:  This committee organizes and oversees the annual Donation Auction Fundraiser.  This includes tasks such as assigning businesses for each family to contact, communicating with auctioneers, following up as needed with families or businesses, planning the lunch counter for the event, and all set-up and tear-down associated with the auction.

Promotions Committee:  This committee is responsible for general communications, marketing, and promotional-related activities of the school.  Examples include:  Writing a monthly article about our school or the school's current events for the local newspaper, organizing and driving the WCS float during the annual "King Turkey Day" parade, creating general school radio spots, promoting and assisting with the annual Kindergarten Open House, and creating written promotional materials as needed.

Athletic Committee:  In the absence of an Athletic Director, this committee is responsible for the following (including, but not limited to):  Securing coaches for all sports; scheduling of all athletic events (home or away) with other schools; planning, preparation and set-up/tear-down of home athletic events; securing referees/officials for home events; arranging for student transportation; responsible for student uniforms (purchase and cleaning) and necessary athletic equipment; and communicate with student athletes, their families, and the school office.

Building/Grounds Committee:  This committee is responsible for either conducting or arranging for the maintenance needs of the school.  This may include smaller projects, such as cleaning before the start of the school year or minor equipment repairs, to larger scale projects such as the installation of new playground equipment.

Finance Committee:  This committee is responsible for the gathering and reporting of fiscal year-end financial information to the appropriate groups, and for setting the school's budget for the next year.

Foundation Committee:  This committee is constituted of Foundation members and the school Administrator/Head Teacher.  Any Society member (individual or couple) may become a member of the Foundation upon contribution of $100 per year designated for the Foundation.  Lifetime membership status in the Foundation is granted upon contribution of $1000 or more to the Foundation.  

The Foundation Committee's purpose is to work with the School Board to approve and administer funds that have been donated to the school for any special purpose and/or a fund consisting of contributions made by friends and supporters of the school for the purpose of permanent investment to support programs and operations of the school.  All members, whether regular or lifetime, have the right to vote at the biannual meetings of the Foundation.

The goal of WCS is to educate children in the light of God’s Word and to prepare them for a life of service to God, to His Creation, and to their community.

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